Brian’s House Staff

“Some wake up to an alarm while others wake up to a calling.”

Picture of Christine Quinn, Manager

Christine Quinn – House Manager

Christine has 28 years experience in the health field with 4 years in hospice/end-of-life care. She has Master’s degrees in Human Resource Management and Strategic Planning. She enjoys spending time with our guests and their families while helping them through their end-of-life journey. She is quick to open her arms and embrace anyone with a hug to comfort their sorrows. Christine has been with the house since April ’18

Sylvia Alvarado, CENA (2nd Shift)

Sylvia is driven with compassion and strives to bring comfort to each guest. Tap her on the shoulder if you need a hug as she can give a mean squeeze. Sylvia has been with Brian’s House since January ’18.

Brittany Beffery, CENA (2nd Shift)

Brittney Beffery CENA – 2nd shift
Brittney is eager and willing to be present and comforting to our guests and families. She has a bright personality which has comforted many family members during their time in the house. Brittney has been here since March ’18.

Anderea Gilgor, CENA (1st/2nd shift)

Anderea is a quiet reserved girl but on top of all needs of our guests. Anderea becomes close and a comfort to many of our guests as though she has been a life long member of their families; which is a huge asset in this field. She has been with Brian’s House since October ’17.

Kimberly Gilgor, CENA (3rd Shift)

Kim is known to be a cook for the soul. She bakes and makes wholesome home cooked meals which has placed smiles on many of our guests, families and staffs faces. This soul cooking trickles down to the great care she gives to our guests as well. Kim has been with Brian’s House since May ’18.

Mike McMann, HHA – (3rd shift)

Mike has been with Brian’s House since March ’18. He is a part time employee who many years experience caring for others. Mike is kind, polite and willing to go above and beyond for the house and the guests it receives.

Austin Urban, CENA – (2nd shift)

Austin is a recent graduate from Central Michigan University. He is working with us to gain health care experience before enrolling in a Physician’s Assistant program in the fall of 2019. He is an amazing person and Brian’s House is very lucky to have him. Austin has been with us since May ’18.

Ashley Nast CENA – (1st/2nd shift)

Ashley is a young youthful soul. She is always ready to please and accommodate our guests and their families. Ashley has been with Brian’s House since December ’17.