Brian’s House Staff

Brian’s House Staff

“Some wake up to an alarm while others wake up to a calling.”

Picture of Christine Quinn, Manager

Christine Quinn – House Director

Christine has 29 years experience in the health field with 4 years in hospice/end-of-life care. She has Master’s degrees in Human Resource Management and Strategic Planning. She enjoys spending time with our guests and their families while helping them through their end-of-life journey. She is quick to open her arms and embrace anyone with a hug to comfort their sorrows. Christine has been with the house since April 2018

Sylvia Alvarado, CENA (1st/2nd Shift)

Sylvia is driven with compassion and strives to bring comfort to each guest. Tap her on the shoulder if you need a hug as she can give a mean squeeze. Sylvia has been with Brian’s House since January 2018.

Brittany Beffery, CENA (2nd Shift)

Brittney Beffery CENA – 2nd shift
Brittney is eager and willing to be present and comforting to our guests and families. She has a bright personality which has comforted many family members during their time in the house. Brittney has been here since March 2018.

Anderea Gilgor, CENA (1st/2nd shift)

Anderea is quiet and reserved but on top of all needs of our guests. Anderea becomes close and a comfort to many of our guests as though she has been a life long member of their families; which is a huge asset in this field. She has been with Brian’s House since October 2017.

Austin Urban, CENA – (2nd shift)

Austin is a recent graduate from Central Michigan University. He is working with us to gain health care experience before enrolling in a Nursing program in the fall of 2019. He is an amazing person and Brian’s House is very lucky to have him. Austin has been with us since May 2018.

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