A Brief Guide to Admission.  Brian’s House runs on donations, our admission fee and small sliding scale per day fee we ask for upon admission. The admission fee consists of $200 which is secured upon intake of guest. The sliding scale fee is determined by the guests monthly income.

Any questions about this process please call the acting manager on duty to have any and all questions answered for you. We do understand that this is a very stressful time and hope to make the transition as flawless as possible.

About the House.  Brian’s House was established in 1996 to accommodate terminal patients who were in need of end-of-life care. Brian’s house is intended to be a home away from home for our guests and their loved ones.  We have 6 private rooms and feature a sun room, quiet room, large kitchen and dining area. We encourage families to utilize each and every part of the house as if it were theirs. We also encourage families to cook dinners  and enjoy the dining space here in order to come to together to support their loved ones process. 

Become A Member of Brian’s House Community GroupBrian’s House Community Group Inc is a community based project of sorts and depends on the community and the guests it serves to stay open and working efficiently. Brian’s House wants the community to be a supportive factor and invites you to becoming a member of our team. Would you like to become involved in the success of Brian’s House?  The current annual  membership fee is $20. Give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have or to simply sign you up so you to can have a voice in helping Brian’s House and it’s need to succeed.

Board of Directors.  We have an 11-member board including our four officers: President, Vice President , Secretary and Treasurer.

Care Services.  Guests that stay at Brian’s House are provided 24/7 care  We work with your hospice provider to ensure that you and your family receive the best care possible and provide day-to-day support for our guests and their loved ones. 

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